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Dear Live Connection Partners,

What a momentous month this has been – both for Australia and for 2 of our African countries – Zimbabwe & South Sudan.

For many years the pastors and their congregations in Zimbabwe have been fasting and praying for real change. With the excellent... read more

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195 Pastors

Live Connection Pastors run their churches, sow into their communities and spread the gospel. Pastors are carefully chosen and are accountable to a Key Contact person overseeing their area.

126 Sponsors

Sponsors usually come from more developed nations with more abundant resources. Redistribution of these resources can have a huge global impact in building the Kingdom.

258 Partnerships

Sponsors choose Pastors with whom to team up by providing financial support, and prayer for each other. A partnership is a joint venture in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

11 countries

Live connection works mainly in developing nations around the world, where resources are not in abundance. People in such places need to be reached with the gospel.


Why It Works

Live Connection facilitates 'Partnerships' between people. One person, the Sponsor, provides financial support for the other, the Pastor.
Our Pastors are on the front lines of ministry - running the churches and impacting their communities. All for the sake of the building the Kingdom of God.

This structure has proven to be far more effective than sending western missionaries for several reasons:

Already Established Trust

Pastors often already run a church and are already trusted by their communities, and so do not have to spend any time gaining credibility.

More 'Bang For Your Buck'

Nothing is spent on airfares. Pastors are also used to subsisting with less than people in wealthy nations, and so finances are able to stretch further.

They Speak the Language

Pastors already speak the local language thus do not have to spend time learning how to do so.

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  • testimonial avatar

    I looked ‘beyond the rubble’

    Having recently returned from the 2016 mission trip to South Africa and Malawi, my understanding of how the world works has taken a further step forward as part of my Christian walk. The main lesson for me was that as much as we were blessing the people there with our presence, teaching and materials, it was the locals’ joy and contentment which blessed us more. It is difficult to put into words how the trip was, so I simply say “the best” when people ask me how it was. I think as a young man and follower of Jesus, it assists so much to have an understanding of how God is working beyond Australia.

    The 2016 trip was the first time a full Mission team had visited Malawi. Malawi is known to be one of the poorest countries on the planet, and we spent time in some of the poorest communities within that country. I label it as the best and worst week of my life simultaneously; the worst due to the heartbreaking poverty which left me confused about the world and its injustices. However, as I wrestled with that, I looked ‘beyond the rubble’ and into the hearts of the people there and God brought me to 1 Timothy 6:6: “But Godliness with contentment is great wealth”. I’ve never before witnessed such passion and zeal for the gospel and the reach for the community that the Malawians had.

    The nature of the trip enabled me to continue on my travels through Africa once the team had returned home given I had some more time on my hands. God led me to Zambia where I was lucky enough to stay with pastors who Live Connection partners with. These experiences allowed me to put names to faces and stories I’d heard back home to seeing the raw challenges that these leaders face daily as they look to take the gospel message to their communities.

    As treasurer, I can see myself back on the African continent as part of a team in the next year or two. We have some very exciting projects being undertaken including a Zambian Agricultural Training Centre in Lusaka, and the potential to work with the prison population in Nsanje, Malawi.


  • testimonial avatar

    I see God in your support

    We always meet twice of each month for home cell meetings. I am very excited to see such a great progress.

    We are staying along shire river and we cultivate our crops in Mozambique therefore we always used a canoe when going to garden.

    One day when we reached in the midst of a river then suddenly a canoe upset down and all of us were deepen in the river.

    Immediately, we were all floated and good wishers rescued us. Praise the Lord that we were all safe.

    The church is doing fine and growing by the grace of the Father. I had a wonderful time to encourage members during my visitation.

    Concerning ministry, it is going well by grace of our Lord Jesus. God is doing a great impact in our community and church.

    We have managed to buy door frame for our church but planning to buy some bags of cement for plaster and floor. Our vision is to promote our ministry evangelism and revival meetings.

    Finally, I thank God for the great support toward my family. I really see God in your support. May the love and mercy of the Lord be with you forever.

    Thank you,

    Medson Galantia

  • testimonial avatar

    Shocked my eyes open

    I went on a trip to Malawi in July 2015. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to see. I was shocked that people could live in those conditions, but they’re happy in their own lives because of the fact that they are alive. They don’t take anything for granted.

    The church services of the African people were really different. They start with the music and might only have a keyboard player, but the singing of the congregations was amazing. Sometimes they would have people at the back singing one part and then other people would join in, group by group. They dance and they scream and are fully passionate about everything. I got to speak to several church congregations. There was always a translator present but it was still easy for people to misunderstand what you’re trying to say.

    It’s very different than here because, in the Western world we don’t really value much that we have in life, because we know that we have it already. After seeing the people over there, what little they have, how happy they are even with virtually nothing and then coming home, I didn’t know how to feel about it as I think my perspective has been broadened and my eyes opened to the conditions that some Christians live in, in other parts of the world, but how they are truly happy that they know God and are able to freely worship Him.

    I haven’t really decided how I should feel after getting home, but I hope that what I saw will make me more grateful for the privileges I have back in Australia. I hope that the experience helps me to become a better person.

    Kevin Cappe

  • testimonial avatar

    A trip that changed my life!

    After going on a short term mission trip to South Africa with Live Connection in 2007, my perspective on the world was radically changed. I’d initially thought that we’d have a lot with which to bless the African people but what I didn’t realise was that the same was true for us. They had so much to offer us, I felt humbled and blessed to be a recipient of their generosity. Upon arriving home, people would ask me ‘So how was Africa?’ the short answer to which I would give would be ‘Life changing’. And it was. I got to see and experience things I would never have otherwise. Talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone!

    Witnessing the incredible faith of the Zulu Christian communities, I was privileged to see the incredible work that some of the South African pastors were doing. They were among the most faithful, generous and Godly men I’d ever met in my life. I’d never before witnessed the passion, the hunger they had for the Lord and their passion for leading others in following Christ. The churches we visited were very different from what I was used to. Powerful prayer, testimonies, teaching, healing, deliverance, music, singing and dancing for the Lord with a joy that King David must have felt (when dancing upon his return to Jerusalem with the Ark of the Covenant). I learned to have complete freedom and lack of inhibition in my worship of the Lord.

    Getting to know the team was another thing. Travelling, sharing testimonies, eating and sleeping together and praying together created deep friendships and experiences with one another that I’m sure will last a lifetime. We also worked together in assisting to construct a church building in Mansensini which felt like we were leaving something physical behind when we left. The incredibly beautiful landscape of South Africa was also something in itself. On a team building retreat, I got to see the beauty of the Drakensburg mountains and later on, travelling towards the centre of the country, the rolling plains near Queenstown, South Africa.

    I returned in 2010 and was privileged enough to lead a team and to preach in the church that I’d helped construct 3 years before. The confidence and responsibly to do so was something I’d never experienced, and stretched me in a way that was previously unimaginable. Upon leaving, my wish was to capture the snapshot of my experiences in South Africa and share it all with my brothers and sisters back in Australia. Despite what I’ve said here, the impact the the trip(s) as a whole had upon my faith and my Christian testimony is very hard to put into words.

    Brad Dickson