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History of Live Connection AID

Live Connection Aid:  was established in 2012 to assist with agricultural training skills; enabling rural leaders to bring tangible hope to benefit the communities in which they live.  We embrace the adage “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

Currently, Live Connection Aid’s main project is the establishment of a Poultry Farm in Jinja area of Uganda.

The previous project commenced by Live Connection Aid was an Agricultural Training Centre, For, South Sudan.  Unfortunately, due to constant civil unrest, the Live Connection Australia Inc Board took the decision in 2018 to hand the land over to the Anglican Church of South Sudan.  The purpose is for them to maintain it and produce crops for the local people.

Project 1.  The Agricultural Training Centre, Bor, South Sudan

Decades of civil war have resulted in people lacking even basic farming skills.  The response to this problem is not to provide expensive mechanical equipment and amalgamate land holdings to create large farms, but rather to teach the local people how to farm sustainably on a small plot in their own village.

This approach has already seen great success elsewhere.  Foundations For Farming, an organization based in Zimbabwe, has achieved amazing results in that country and others in Africa.  Foundations For Farming has partnered with Live Connection to make commence this project.

The project held training in sustainable farming methods with the aim that those trained would in turn, return to their communities, passing on their knowledge leading to the creation of local farming enterprises.  The trainees will not only benefit directly from the Foundations For Farming training, but will also undergo “train the trainer” programs which will equip them to pass their knowledge on to people in their local communities, thus creating a powerful cascading effect.

It was anticipated that this centre would be a showcase for South Sudan, a place to train and send out leaders to rural communities throughout the nation.  The actual teaching was to be undertaken in conditions similar to those found throughout Sudan.

Unfortunately, with ongoing civil unrest, the project has now ceased and the land returned to the Anglican Church of South Sudan who worked in partnership with Live Connection Aid.

 Stage 1

Land has been cleared and fenced

  • Buildings for the Training Centre and a Storage Shed have been constructed
  • Paul Deng has been engaged to manage the training Centre
  • Training plots have been sown
  • A borehole is being sunk

Stage 2

  • Establish a primary school for 70 pupils
  • Establish and develop Agriculture Training Centre producing crops with a projected cash flow $A10K per year
  • Investigate providing basic medical clinic

Project 2.  Poultry Farm, Father’s Divine Love Ministries, Jinja, Uganda.

Live Connection Australia Inc entered a partnership agreement with Father’s Divine Love Ministries in 2018.

The aim of this poultry project is to establish a poultry business close to the Peniel Foster Care Community in Jinja.  The business will increase the household income and nutrition for the families homes in this community.  The specific assistance is for the stocking, feeds, utilities, vetinerary costs and wages until the Poultry Farm is running.