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How does the Partnership work?

Monthly partnership funds ($60 per month) can be paid via Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cheque; which are then electronically transferred quarterly to our partner pastors overseas through Regional Leaders. Live Connection is a “not-for-profit” organization, established for the extension of the Kingdom of God. As such, any contributions for pastors are not eligible for tax deductibility. However, there are some one-off community projects which may attract tax deductibility status. (www.liveconnectionaid.org)

As part of your partnership you will receive a “Pastor Card”  detailing personal information about your pastor, providing you with the ministry context in which he or she is working so that you can pray for the work of God in that area. You will receive regular updates concerning the pastor and his/her ministry in the form of a letter or email. You will also be given the opportunity to send information about yourself to your partner so that they can pray for you and your family.


How are Pastors allocated to Partners?

The need for Partners is always greater than the need for Pastors. Live Connection has a list of Pastors, faithful to the gospel, in need of a boost. When partnering with a Pastor you can request one from a particular country of interest where we work or sign up for the next one on the list..


How is my support money used?

Your monthly contribution goes towards enabling a local pastor to serve his local community both physically and spiritually. Our pastors are seen as leaders within their communities and many people look to them to provide for their needs. This often extends to taking on the care and responsibility of widows and orphans in the community. The financial support is not a wage but it does provide for the basic needs of the pastor and his family as they provide leadership and compassion to their community, thus ’empowering’ them into full-time leadership.


Live Connection’s tax-deductibility

Live Connection is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization with the mandate of sharing unashamedly the good news of Jesus Christ. This precludes the granting of tax-deductibility.


Why partner with an overseas pastor?

Live Connections exists to be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus Christ in overseas countries. Many Children are given food, clothing and even shelter; and yet, if they don’t get introduced to Jesus, they don’t find their purpose in life, and Life eternal. By partnering with Live Connection you can personally make a difference in a needy community. The monthly contribution of $70 goes to enabling a local pastor to serve his local community as a boost rather than a wage. Whilst Western Missionaries have their place in overseas evangelism, the cost of one western missionary equates to approximately 80 rural pastors. Rural Pastors speak the local language; know the local customs and maintain the appropriate lifestyle. If you partner with a pastor, you have the opportunity to develop a ‘live connection’ with them through your monthly contribution and prayer. In return, your pastor prays for you and updates you with regular news. Partners also have the opportunity to meet their Pastors on Live Connection Mission trips.


Can I co-partner with a pastor?

Yes. Many of our Pastors are partnered with more than one person. Half a Pastor is better than none! This would mean your partnership funds  would amount to $30 per month. Partnerships can also be corporate or church based.


How can I help spread the Vision of L.C?

Share the vision of Live Connection by:

  • Liking us on Facebook;
  • Developing a relationship with your Pastor so you engage as a friend.
  • Talk about us in your church; organisation or Connect Group.
  • Share Youtube clips and stories from Live Connection with friends
  • Share our website www.liveconnection.org
  • We are always happy to speak at Connect Groups; church services or service clubs about the vision and work.
  • Join a Mission Trip and share your adventure.


In what countries is L.C. working?

Live Connection currently operates in Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Indonesia, The Philippines, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa,


How many pastors are partnered through Live Connection?

Live Connection currently partners with: 180 Pastors.


The outcome?

Through the generous and often sacrificial support of many people, Pastors are being empowered into full time ministry at an increasing level. An army of warriors for Jesus Christ has taken to the field. But the story doesn’t stop here. Our Live Connection pastors receive regular training, networking opportunities, and encouragement through Live Connection Regional Leaders. They are empowered to accomplish great things in the name of The Lord. Communities are coming together, the Gospel is being preached, lives are being saved and the Kingdom of God is growing every day. All this, for His Glory.