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September 28, 2016

Live Connection September news

Dear Live Connection Partners                                                                                          September Newsletter Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! Thank you for your prayer support for Stuart Willis during his adventures in Africa. Please continue to pray for him as he comes to the end of his time there and readjusts to life in Australia. We are looking forward to hearing the reports from all the he has countries visited. It is now 2 months since the Mission Team returned from Africa. James was happy…..

August 31, 2016

August update

Dear Live Connection Partners, After a slow start, the Live Connection advertisements on Hope & Vision Radios are starting to generate some interest and support. Please pray for this outreach. Here is part of a letter received from one of the pastors who were visited by the team on the last Mission trip to South Africa: Our support truly makes a huge difference. “Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a great honour for us…..

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July 27, 2016

Zimbabwe Special #ThisFlag

ZIMBABWE Special: The situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate. Many of the civil servants have not been paid for months, there simply is no ready cash available in the banks and because of the drought, food is scarce and unrest has been growing. Those with Zimbabwean pastors will know that the Christians there have been praying for a long time. I apologise that this is too long to tell here, and to get the full story of Pastor Evans Mawarire,…..

Mission Team returns

Dear Live Connection Partners The Mission Team arrived home on Thursday and our Sunday services were a feast of hearing some of what they had been doing. One of the main impacts was seeing firsthand the difference our support is making to the pastors on the ground. Most of them live in abject poverty, labouring under very difficult conditions. In most third world countries, there simply is no medicare, no social welfare system and no savings to fall back on……

June 22, 2016

News update June 2016!

Dear Live Connection Partners, Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! Lots of news: As a result of Duncan’s trip to the USA, we are happy to welcome aboard our first American partner from Phoenix, Arizona. We pray that there will be many more to follow! After 2 years the Sonadi Zambian Project has finally been approved. This is to build an agriculture and skills training centre about 30km out of Lusaka where unemployment and child prostitution is rife. We…..

February 24, 2016

Exciting news!

From our Executive Director: Live Connection Team, Thursday of this week I take off for the United States to share the vision and mission of Live Connection with around 600 Pastors in Phoenix, Arizona. For 10 days I’ll be connecting with various Pastors from all over the USA sharing the mission of Live Connection. I am really thrilled for this opportunity and ask that from the 2-4 of March you would keep me in prayer as I man a booth…..

December 16, 2015

First hand report on South Sudan

We are now so fortunate to have a ground zero report on South Sudan. We sent Stuart to Sudan to paint a picture of how the ministry is advancing amidst the turmoil in South Sudan.  This report, while admitting the pain, provides people with hope for the future. Please read and use it as a tool your prayers. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Africa 9th September 2015 South Sudan is a country that has been gripped by wars since 1960 yet I was surprised by…..

Christmas Greetings

Dear Live Connection Partners, Christmas Greetings from the Live Connection Team! This year we just wanted to say how excited we were for the coming year. With over 150 Pastors in 11 countries partnered with our mission arm is starting to swell and the impact of our partnerships is evident in Pastor Gary’s update. We wanted to wish you as our partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our prayer for this coming year is that God might open up…..

Report from Zimbabwe

Dear Live Connection Australia, Thank-you for your support of the pastors here in Zimbabwe during 2015. It has been a tough year for all concerned and so it’s just been such a huge blessing to be able to hand over your envelopes to our friends every three months. I know it’s greatly helped alleviate many financial pressures. Zimbabwe, notorious for their hyper-inflation a few years ago, is currently experiencing record deflation. Deflation, we are told, is more damaging than hyper-inflation…..