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Important Information – Please Read

Answers to Frequent Questions :

  1. Is my contribution to Live Connection Tax deductible?                                                                                                                        No. Any donations used to share the Gospel are not tax deductible.

However: Pictured above, land for the new Sonadi project to build a skills training centre in Zambia is now up and running and all donations for this are tax deductible.

Please ask for more details if you are interested.

  1. How is the monthly money used?

Some time ago we increased the amount from $60 to $70 and so far half our partners have been able to make the change. Generous donations have made up the shortfall. We firmly believe that our pastors need regular training and encouragement; partnership is conditional on attendance at these sessions and regular updates being sent to their partner.

The money which is sent quarterly, is divided as follows:  

$50 goes directly to the pastor for his own discretion

$10 goes towards his ongoing training

$10 goes towards administration and bank transfer costs; the admin shortfall is made up by generous donors – (also the main reason we do not send out glossy letters etc!)

  1. What about extra donations, say for Christmas?

The full amount is sent to the pastor. However, we are aware that this has potential risks, as only a few benefit, and others miss out.

  1. Is it possible to communicate directly with my pastor?

We do not recommend direct contact with pastors. We know and understand that as ‘donors’ we are seen as wealthy benefactors and the temptation to ask and ask is just too great – (in their shoes we would probably do the same) and in the past this has led to “partner abuse”- so while we encourage a ‘live connection’ between partner and pastor, we prefer that all correspondence both in and out is channeled through the regional offices.

  1. Is it possible to visit my pastor?

Yes. Some have already visited their pastor on a Mission Trip!

On a completely different note!

Please be in prayer for Paul, Mal & Glenyce as they prepare for Leadership Training ministry in the Philippines, leaving on 2nd and returning on 11th January.

We wish you all a Blessed and Christ filled Christmas.

The Live Connection Team.

NB The Live Connection office will be closed from 23 December to 3 January 2017.

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