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July News – Ugandan Special

During his visit to Sydney five years ago, David Livingstone Zijjan (from Father’s Divine Love Ministries, Uganda) with the help of Live Connection, received a donation towards a tractor to assist with the farming of leased land.  The sugarcane farmed provided an income and employment to support Father’s Divine Love Ministries become more self-sustaining in caring for more than 100 orphans.

The owner of the leased land however declined to renew the land tenancy contract, which ended FDLM’s use of it hence stopping the local income generating project. This meant David needed to resume frequent travels to raise donations, and an uncertain future as regards sustainability.

In response to the great need and with much joy, Live Connection Aid has been able to make a down payment of $A30,000.00 on 50 acres of land with a further two payments of $A15,000.00 each to come over the next six months… The intervention having been a step of faith for Live Connection as per the outstanding need of  $A30,000.00 in the next six months, it creates an opportunity to partner with a ministry with an excellent track record in Orphan care and local church missions in Uganda carried out in partnership with Live Connection.

The 50 acres will put FDLM on a sure footing in it’s bid to reduce dependence on aid by becoming self-sustaining thereby aligning with David and Sarah’s passion of RESTORING THE DIGNITY OF AFRICAN CHILDREN.

Thank you to our generous open-hearted supporters!  Once again this is being the hands and feet of Jesus


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