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Exciting news – Paul and John leave for Africa today, 16 October, on a lightening trip, returning 27 October.

During that time they will spend 2 days with Brian & Craig at Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe;

3 days in Uganda with David Livingstone at Father’s Divine Love Ministries before flying to South Africa where they will spend the remainder of the time with Gary at House of Prayer in Durban.

Please cover them with prayer as they travel.

They are taking a large delivery of soccer uniform to bless the pastors and people there.

They are also doing Leadership training in Uganda and South Africa.


This is going to be a hectic trip covering long distances – so our prayer for them is, that as they:

“…  wait upon The Lord He will renew their strength, so that they will mount up with wings as eagles, and they will be able to walk and not faint.”  Adapted from Is 40:31

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