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Zambia Newsletter

Greetings from Ndola, Zambia.

It is my prayer that you must be fine and sound. I trust your family must be doing fine as well.
With us, sadly, last Wednesday my wife collapsed after a very sound day. We just had finished our shalom prayers and I just went into the street escorting a few church friends. As I was coming back into the house, I found my wife down on our carpet in the sitting room vomiting. Her eyes faint and could hardly speak. Asking my 14 year old boy who had remained with her, he simply told me that she told him of having felt weak and that she collapsed after that. We prayed for her and took her to hospital. The hospital personnel could not find the cause as why that happened. We continued praying and miraculously the following day she woke up strong and with no complaint. To this day we do not know what happened but what we know is that the faithful Lord is on the throne.
With me, slight fatigue but overall I am fine. The rest of the kids are fine as well. All the three are in examination classes this year which has made the home really quiet as we are usually with just the last born due to the fact that these others are busy with other friends studying. Remember them in prayer.

At church, although some challenges will always be there; I have seen the hand of God at work due to the slight increase in membership.
The greatest challenge has been that issue I alluded to in my last news letter I believe. The plot land we have been given had an elderly man squatting earlier. About six years later, he has reappeared with claims that we have taken his legally obtained land from him. Yet his legal possession of the said plot has not been proved. I have asked him to go and talk to the local council authority, the people responsible for these plots but he doesn’t do that.I plan to put in a restraining order before the courts of law if this trouble persists.
On the spiritual front, I can safely say that the Lord is really blessing. In line with our yearly theme, DIVINE ANOINTING; we have been seeing the hand of the lord as people get healed and deliverance s taking place. I conduct deliverance sessions every Wednesday morning and then conduct shalom evening ministering on the same day. The ladies meeting last Thursday saw our ladies prepare meals from different homes and had a meal fellowship. It was beautiful. I trust such help in reducing tension among members and create family.
As for the youths, they have suffered a set back in that the home where they used to meet every Sunday evening has been vacated by our church secretary who happen to be in the army and he has since been promoted prompting the army seniors taking consideration of taking him into the barrack house. We are still considering if they can be meeting at church in the evening although our building is a bit far from our homes.
Sunday school has continued to be a great blessing to us all. Their advancement in scripture just goes far beyond their ages. God is really good. Us men have continued meeting every Sunday afternoon. Men can be difficulty in bringing them up for sessions but slowly the grace is beginning to show. We have confronted many issues so far among which the treatment of our wives is concerned. Secondly, has been the upbringing of our children. I am telling you that the gap between children and parents before out meetings started was alarming. By God’s grace much change has been noticed. I have come to learn that many children do have fathers but imitations. Confessions have been coming through of how homes have started to change and to this we are giving God all the glory.
The praise team has been a great blessing as well. They keeping getting better in their ministry. Yesterday we had a praise service. We concentrated on the power of praise and it was wholesome.
Our cell meetings are on track as well. We still have work to do in that some do not see the importance of cells. We know that it shall be well.

Political and Economic Situation
We have just come out of an election and the opposition won. This saw the MMD ruling party pack their bags after twenty years of being in power. We are now under the ruler ship of the Patriotic Front { PF} Party. The current president, Micheal Sata is Catholic. The Catholic church fought hard in supporting him. Sadly, the Catholics have not been in support of Zambia being a christian nation but they support a secular state. That is the only worrying position. We wait to see as they go into the formulation of the constitution if they shall not fight that clause.
Economically, we still are struggling with our currency still trading at K 5000 to one US dollar. This is bad. Keep us in your prayers.

Kindly take note that you remain a strategic partner this far. Your prayers and financial support is next to none. The fruits of this labor is for us all. We shall truthfully share in the rewards before the throne of grace. Stay blessed.

Your friend and brother,

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