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Andrew is the senior pastor of the above mentioned church in Lwanda village. Andrew was a member of the evangelistic team of the first church and as he continued to serve under the mission of hope ministries, he was consecrated as an assistant pastor. He was then sent to SOMAT Bible College in Tororo where he attended his theology school. On his return, he was commissioned as a senior pastor and therefore sent to Buyala.
He has been a pastor for 15 years. He spent two years with Mission of Hope church Buleba and then was transferred to Mission of Hope church in Buyala B village.

From Buyala he was commissioned to open up a church in the current location under the same covering. When the overseer of all the mission of hope churches went back, it was hard for the whole body of churches under this covering to keep together and so a quorum was passed that these churches become independent. Andrew had to keep the work of the Lord running.

Andrew sustains his family by renting land where he cultivates some food crops for subsistence – where he sells off some to get the daily running needs of the family. However, even when some is sold off, the income got can only meet but so much of the family’s needs.


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