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Arfan Mbili Yora

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Arfan was born in Waingapu, East Sumba on 26/3/1986. He is single. He was baptised in 2008 and is now ministering in Sangga Langit Village, North Bali.


From 2004-2007, I experienced a very malignant disease: the doctor said I had severe lung disease wet, injured in bile and gastric infection, illness third three diseases that made me unable to move and get out of bed for 4 years. I tried hard to find a cure so I came to some quack doctor, but all my struggles were in vain. The doctor gave me 3 months to live and refused any more treatment.

But thank God I met Ps.Marinus Kabak, a minister from Papua New Guinea, and he preached about healing and salvation only in In Jesus, and when I received Jesus I  experienced the miracle healing from God.

My Vision:

To be a witness to the good news of salvation to all people through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. To search for the lost souls, pray for the sick and those imprisoned in a world of crime. Firm teaching about God to all people, so that they become committed disiples of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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