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Benedict, (pictured in front of his church, with his wife Christine and their youngest daughter, Suzen) was born at Nseluka village in Kasama in 1967. They have been blessed with 3 girls & a boy & 3 grandchildren. In 1993, God called him into full time ministry and they now live in Isoka


From childhood I used to go to church because everyone else did, but I was totally ignorant about salvation and nothing changed in my life as I enjoyed the company of other drunkards, smoking, drinking and insulting people. In 1989 I went to listen to an evangelist who was invited from Kasama to come and preach the gospel in our village. He preached from the book of John 10:10. I realized for the first time in my life that even though I was a sinner who deserved to go to hell, Jesus loved me so much that he gave his life when he died on the cross for me to live forever. This touched my heart. I therefore decided to give my life to Jesus. The Evangelist led me into a confessional prayer to receive Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Since then my life changed. My desire to drink, smoke and insult people went. I stopped playing with drunkards and, instead, spent most of my time with believers.

In 1993 the Lord called me to full time ministry as church planter in my home area and after graduating at the Gospel Literature Outreach Discipleship Training Centre in Ndola, Zambia, I in partnership with my home church in Nseluka, planted several churches before being transferred to Isoka where I have continued working as church planter.

The first time I came to Isoka I helped plant the church in the town which is still steadily growing. We have managed to put up a church building and a manse which still requires the completion of the flooring, plastering, electrification and painting.

My main focus is to train churches in evangelism through open air evangelism a method that has proven to be very effective. Our program for the year is to go and start a church in Thendere where we already have made contact with some of the people.

We cherish your prayers as we continue labouring for our Master, Jesus Christ


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