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Edward is 52 years old. He is married to Jane and they have been blessed with 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. He was saved at 22 at a crusade, even tho he was drunk at the time. His whole family was saved the next day and they began evangelizing at the local school, where 6 girls gave their lives to Jesus.


In 1987 Edward joined a missionary group which expanded his skills and enabled him to grow spiritually, and in April 2008, God called him to plant a church in Mafubira, one of the suburbs of Jinja.

One of the members opened his home for the ministry, many others gave their lives to the Lord and the fellowship grew to 30 people. “This necessitated us to look for a larger place. We found an open piece of ground to rent and the number of believers increased to 150 members, but the owner of the land came up with an idea of developing the place – putting up something more lucrative than a Church and asked us to leave his property. We found another place, but after a short a short while we were asked to pay a higher price or move away. Because of the movements from place to place, there was a time when I had only 5 members.

Despite all the struggles, God is faithful to build His Church. There are currently 50 members and I believe that by the end of this year 2014, we will have reached 100 members though we still face the challenge of a permanent place for the church.”


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