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Pastor Enoch of Wakitaka Redeemed Church is 36 years old and married to Ruth Nalemu with 6 children – 1 male and 5 females. The church is a 40 member congregation.

I was born on the 25/11/1971 in Mpumudde Estate Jinja District being the 3rd of 4 kids. The day I was born was the very day the Idd Amin Dada the world famous dictator took power in a coupe. At that time, my dad was expecting a girl child from my mother, a boy was born. Due to frustration, my dad abandoned my mother in hospital because she had birthed an undesired sex of a child. The rejection didn’t end at my birth but all through as he denied me education support as well so I dropped out after 6 years in school.

I later joined a sugar corporation where I cut sugarcane for 3 years being paid $12aud per month before finding a fellow cane cutter who knew the Lord and he led me to salvation. As cane cutters, we chewed cane for lunch and due to very poor hygiene because we never washed the canes, I contracted a virus that made me ill for 4 years until God’s hand of mercy touched me and healed me. I became a youth pastor in 1995 and the same year is when I married. Later that year, I was ordained as a full pastor where I later felt led to be commissioned to plant the Redeemed Church in Wakitaka that I still serve as senior pastor by God’s grace. I have been privileged to attend the school of discipleship training (DTS) with YWAM and it has enhanced some skill in my ministry.


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