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I was an Anglican but I preferred going to worship with my mother in the Catholic Church. I enjoyed the catholic services but it came to a time when I fell sick and had tried all forms of medicine but all in vain. I therefore went to inquire of the catholic priest who recommended me to go and consult the mediums (evil spirits) but I felt it was wrong because this is exactly what they taught against in church.

I did just as the priest had told me but I spent so many hens and goats , money plus clothes but I still fell victim to the same attacks. In 1989, when I was in my senior two, I got to discover that the father who had brought me up was not my true father and so I demanded that my mother takes me back to my father only to find that he had past away years back.

The clan spirits welcomed me saying that they had been looking for me and had therefore appointed me to be a medium (Chief Sorcerer). But because I did not desire to believe in them, I chose to go back to my foster father and continue with my life. Unfortunately, he passed away on 30th/January/1991 and I married my wife on the 3rd/December/1991. Later on the relatives of my foster father rose against me and forced me to leave the inheritance he had left back and so I together with my family fled to Mbulamuti village.

In 1996, a crusade was organised and I heard the man of God call on people to give their lives to Christ which I did and later joined Mbulamuti Miracle centre which by then was under pastor by Noah Mutebe. While there, I was chosen to be the prayer leader which I did earnestly and then was consecrated as an associate pastor to Noah who later passed away on the 30th/September/2007.

Following his death, I was asked to take on the pastoral position and I am assisted by the wife to the late pastor.


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