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Hellen is 50 years of age, a widow and a mother of 11 children. 5 biological and 6 adopted through Father’s Divine Love Ministries. Before she became a Christian, from 1987-2004, she and her husband at the time, were involved in selling local brew (Malwa) in Jinja town. In 2000, her husband (Pius Oriebo), who was working at Jinja Main Hospital, married another wife who had already lost 2 husbands due to the HIV virus..

Hellen was so furious and angry that she sought to kill them. She reported the case to the police and they decided to move away. He tried to reconcile with Hellen, but after a few more months the signs of the disease started to show in all three of them. Hellen started taking ARV’s but after a long struggle the husband, new wife and their young child all died in 2004.


Hellen was very fearful and decided to hang herself, but while asleep, she heard a loud voice which called 3 times: “HELLEN, HELLEN, HELLEN. Instead of you killing yourself GO and start praying in that Church. It also said, “I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MANAGE YOUR PROBLEMS”. After that she felt an earthquake and then saw a bright light, which followed but she did not understand that it was the LORD speaking to her.

After she gave her life to Christ, a friend took her to Father’s Divine Love Ministries, where she met David & Sarah Zijan. Hellen is now serving as a house Matron, looking after 6 orphan children. She also serves as an Intercessor, an usher and a deacon.



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