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Joconia was born in KwaZulu-Natal, in the city of Durban in a village called Shongweni. He is 61 years of age. Most of his family are still resident there. Joconia is married to Jane. The Lord has blessed them with 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys. He grew up in a Christian environment in the amaZioni Movement where his father was the leading bishop. It was in March 1960 in this church that he had an encounter with Jesus, which changed his life completely. When his father died he was recognised as the key bishop of the Christian Apostolic Church of South Africa. He is therefore a second generation bishop of the movement of churches which extends across the Zulu, Pondo and Xhosa tribes of Southern Africa..


He has been pastoring the church since 1975 and currently oversees about 50 churches. Joconia is humble and gentle. He has dedicated himself to serve his community and is a highly respected man in the villages. He travels extensively from church to Church and hosts regular all night and weekend gatherings with the leadership of these churches. These churches have Children’s, Youth, Women’s and Men’s ministries. The mother church is situated in a township called Hammersdale near Durban. It is here that they host their annual Easter Conventions, where members from all the churches bus in to gather together each year.



His vision is to preach the Word of God and plant churches across the villages of South Africa. To identify, train and release those who are called and sent. He is doing an amazing work and after years of friendship with Pastors for Africa, has now linked as a Leaders Network team of Churches.


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