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Pastor Joel married Mele in 2005 and they have been blessed with 4 children, Jairas, a boy and 3 girls, Harriate, Docus and Mirriam. They also care for 3 other orphan children, who are all still at school.


I used to enjoy smoking and drinking but didn’t realise it was ruining my life. About 8 years ago I heard Pastor Sakala preaching on the radio about my body being God’s temple but that He could not live in a defiled temple and also that without God’s abiding presence, I was heading for hell. I truly felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and as she continued to outline the plan of salvation, that Jesus was the only one who could set me free if I put my trust I Him. Later that night I confessed my sins and invited Jesus to come into my life.

Ever since that time, my life has changed. I started attending Bible Studies with my wife and going to church on Sundays, and found I really enjoyed the fellowship of other believers as we prayed for each other’s spiritual and physical needs. One month later I realised I no longer smoked or drank!


Four years Later the Church sent me to Bible College in Lusaka where I did a two year training course. I am now back in Isoka, pastoring Armar of Christ church which is steadily growing spiritually and in number. We have started to build a church which is now at window level. Later my wife also came to Christ. Please pray for me and my family, that we will grow together in the Lord and that our ministry will continue to grow – both in number and in spirit.


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