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I was born in Padarnyuak on 5/8/1979 eastern part of Duk County, Jonglei State, South Sudan.
I am single, mature Christian, who is serving God and I am trusting God to get marry this year, if God willing that is my plan.
Currently I am residing in Juba were I was posted to look after the Church, I am the vicar in charge of ST. Peter`s Church, Juba.
My title, I am a Pastor ministering in the Anglican Church of South Sudan in the diocese of Duk.
The denomination; I am serving in the Anglican church of South Sudan, diocese of Duk this is where I am serving God particularly in Juba.
I went to school in Ethiopia in 1987, when we were taken to Ethiopia by the leadership of the SPLA/M, because in South Sudan the erupting of outrage civil war deteriorating for two decades which has claimed more than two millions lives and devastated everything in the Country. I started class one – four in the Ethiopia, when the government of Ethiopia had been overthrew by the rebels in 1991; we flew back to South Sudan in which we find another ways to Kenya as refugees.
Consequently, we came to Kakuma refugee camp in 1992, and thereafter I was enrolled in Primary school whereby I sat for Kenya Primary Certificate Education in 1996, and I had made it to go to Secondary School in 1998 in Nairobi, in Kenyan College Secondary School in Nairobi.
However I had a chance to go to University in 2008, whereby I was graduated with honor degree on July 9, 2011. I undertake A Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Global University in USA in collaboration with East Africa School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya. On this note, that is the level of my education I have reached. Besides, I want to pursue a Master in Peace building if I will have a chance again to get sponsor, we have lagged behind in which there is no quality education standardize in South Sudan.

My vision is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to bring more souls to salvation for the sake of the God`s kingdom, the Lord has call me to be his servant, and do what he require me to do, for instant preaching, teaching and follow his ways. I have asked him to enable me to do what is right in his eyes.

What I do, by professional I am a trainer in the Church. I undertake worship, teaching and administrative worked; I had been elected by the synod in 2011 by the Pastors as a diocesan secretary.

I came to Christianity when my sister told me about Jesus Christ, for the first time I was shocked when I heard of salvation news. After few days I felt that I will gave my life to Jesus; as a result of our conversation
with my sister this is how I converted Christianity.


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