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Melkisedek was born in 1077. He married Marlin Rassy in 2001 and they have been blessed with 4 children. He used to be a bus driver and they now live in West Timor.


“In 1997 I experienced acute pain which spread to the liver and resulted in me experiencing pain LEVEL stage 4. Doctors also diagnosed that my heart was not working properly, my stomach had perforated, my breathing was not normal and I was constantly coughing out blood clots. At the same time, my son aged 1.8 years, was one of the children stolen from the state hospital. Those were the problems we faced, and that’s when we began to seek God. Within three days, the children were found and day by day, my disease slowly improved, and I was cured by God.

In 2000 my family converted to Christianity and we were all baptised. In 2002 my wife and took the decision to enter Bible School in East Sumba.

Now I want to serve God until the Lord comes. Our son who was nearly lost but God returned, is now all grown up and in college studying Theology.

We want to serve God because God had already served me.

My Vision:

To reach out in Muslim areas that have not heard the Gospel. To serve people who do not believe and to enrich the lives of those who do, with good discipleship programmes.


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