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Pastor Moses Babeku is 42 years of age. He is a pastor of lwambogo Celebrate Recovery Church in buyengo which is a Sub County in Jinja district Uganda.
He is married to Tabitha Babeku with 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls respectively.

I was born in balawoli Kamuli and my parents separated before I was born and so, I never experienced parental love. My uncles and aunties accused my mom of being a witch and so they kicked her out of her matrimonial home and she then undertook to raise us single handed. I was juggled from guardian to guardian; my dad rejected me outright denying me education thus leading to only 4 years of formal education.

In 1981, I joined busoga growers as a worker for 2 years; I later joined a sugarcane company as a cane cutter until 1987. Then I started subsistence farming and that has been my employment ever since. In search for spiritual truth, I joined the universal apostolic church which happened to be a local cult as I later learnt after serving it for 8 whole years.

In 2003, I joined a born again church where I was taught truth as I was discipled through Global Missions Church. In 2006 when I moved to lwambogo, there was no spiritual church and so I joined Celebrate Recovery Ministry which is a local NGO and we planted this church where I pastor some 35-40 people.


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