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Richard Chazawo is married to Deweta and they have three children, Moses, Nomsa and Ngonidzashe. He used to have a profitable job in town but left it and all possibility of pension and security when his call to the ministry came. He now lives in a farming community, “Glendale” an hour North of the capital city Harare. Glendale is in a very fertile valley and used to be farmed by commercial (majority white) farmers. It has now been resettled and divided into 30m x 30m plots which have been distributed amongst community members. Richard is using Foundations for Farming, Conservation Agriculture methods to outreach to these new farmers. He himself has become a successful CA farmer and he and his wife work very hard in their field. On visiting, it is possible to see that Richard and his trainers have developed strong relationships with those who are farming in the area. The church he leads is called “the United Assemblies in Africa”. Their goal is to know more of God’s word and to reach out to the lost souls (Eph 1:8). Richard feels called to teach the word of God. Richard is also involved in many other activities such as HIV/AIDs outreaches. He has a wonderful sense of humour and is constantly making those around him laugh.


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