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CHURCH: Jubilee Christian Life Church Butabira
Congregation Size: 28 people
Age: 54 years
Marital Status: Married to Margaret Wunyi with four children a boy and 3 girls.

I was born in Butaleja, Bunyoli District in Eastern Uganda. I grew up in Mukono, Went to school for 6 years before dropping out. I was born a Roman Catholic and grew up without any values. I started drinking and I suffered a lot before coming to Christ. I lived in grass thatched huts without a bed or anything. In 1994, after I had lost all hope in my drunken state, I went to church and accepted Christ there. After coming to Christ, I fought off the alcohol addiction and in one month I had quit.

That same year, the pastor started giving me responsibility to lead church programs then I became a church elder after a while and later an assistant pastor until 1999. When the senior pastor moved and I was ordained to take on the pastoral office which I have been doing to date.

During our Sunday service, we raise 200/= and 500/= ($2 cents and $30 cents in offerings and tithes. My prayer is that Jehovah visits us.


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