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Sylvester Mwende

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Sylvester Mwende was born into a catholic family, but married a born again Christian wife. She used to preach the gospel of Christ to him, but Mwende was refusing to listen.

Time came and Mwende got a sicknesses that almost left him mad. Later, it was discovered that Mwende Sylvester was HIV positive. He then gave his life to Christ after believing Christ for healing. He later joined Global Missions’ Church and then developed to become a church planter. He began Land of Good Hope Church in 2008. Mwende is married with four children.

Current Church status

The church has not yet secured land for itself yet but one of the members helped them with land for a while. The church currently meets in a former cinema hall. The congregation has been building steadily and has 35 people at present. Mwende is passionate about preaching the gospel and seeing people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savoiur.


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