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Vincent is a Rwandan citizen who gave his life to Christ in 1992 while still in Rwanda. He gave his life to Christ while still in high school through a conversation with one of his friends/school mates. He later joined the evangelistic team of Pentecostal churches, Nyabagyendwa village in Rwanda. He spent one year with this team because the genocide broke up in 1994 and so everyone was on the run. All schools were closed during this time and so he couldn’t continue with his education as well.
After the genocide, he went back to school and at the same time working with a security agency between 1996-1998 but completed his ordinary level school in 1997. He later on got employed in a supermarket where he worked till 1999 when he changed business to selling second hand clothes in an open market.

In 2001, he came to Uganda and settled in Kakira village where he had an uncle who was glad to have him at his home. he still had the business drive within him and so was advised that if he could engage himself in the fishing business, he would get an income. This business ran for a short time till when the labourers that he had hired to go and fish for him ran away with all the equipment that he had bought. He therefore had no income generating activity and therefore resorted to go and become a security guard of the people’s sugarcanes in Kakira. By then he was fellowshipping with Kakira Baptist Church which he had joined in 2001 when he had just come.

During his time with the Baptist church, he was serving as a lead intercessor as well as part of the evangelism team. In 2003 he was appointed as an elder in this church, and therefore went and attended the discipleship training school with youth with a mission but did not complete the school because he did not have the funds to meet the tuition expenses.

He was later led to open up a church in Musima village where he serves as the senior servant to date. Vincent struggles to meet most of his basic needs and accommodation has been his biggest challenge.


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