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Zhurio Mulelemba

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Zhulio Mulelemba was born in Mulelemba a village in Morombala in Mozambique.

He is 57 years of age,and is married to Rozinya and.The Lord has blessed them with six children, 3 boys and 3 girls.


Zhulio grew up in a Christian environment and was saved in 1975. He planted the church at Mulelemba village and is the pastor there. He is humble and gentle and has dedicated himself to serving his community. The church has 100 members so far with ministries for children, the youth and the women. The church also has also a gardening project where they plant maize.


Mulelemba,is 100 km from Nsanje. They conduct their service in a simple structure but are busy with fund raising for the church building.


His vision is to reach unreachable people with the gospel and work hand in hand with different ministries. The church vision is to have home cells, which outreach, disciple and train and release the saints into ministry.


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