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Iwan Prisman Waruwu

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Profile: Iwan is married to Yuniadi Gulo and they have been blessed with 2 children


I was born into a Christian family but did not follow Jesus. I used to put my trust in my own strength. I did everything to make myself stronger and stronger. I practised witchcraft. One day, a man of God came to me and said that God had called me to be His servant. I did not believe it at all but because my family continued to pressure me I eventually went to Bible College. I did not like it, but because they always encouraged me, I persevered. After a few months, I knew God was real and in November 2006, I had an encounter with Him. God told me, that He had created me and would make me His servant to take the Good news to others. Since graduating from dMaker Misson School Medan, I have been totally involved in ministry. In November 2015 I had an opportunity to plant a church at Hilinawalo Balaekha village, District of Nias. By the grace of God, now we have 10 adult and 15 kids in our congregation.

My Vision is to reach, unite and make disciples who will be passionate for God’s Kingdom


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