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Asmort was born in 1985, a son of his father’s 2nd wife. His father, a pastor, divorced this wife and as a result, Asmort felt rejected. He became very rebellious and involved in under cover sin while still pretending to be religious, attending church, playing the keyboard and singing. During this time, he married Gertrude and they have been blessed with 4 children, Brilliant, Auxilla, Ambitious and Handsome.


One evening in Aug 2010 I heard the message of salvation being preached from John 3: 1-9 and was challenged by the message and the questions from the preacher,

“Are you born again? Who preached to you the message of salvation??? and “

What did you hear that made you believe????. I had no answer, but the following morning, using the address given, I cycled the 55 km to the pastor’s house where he finally led me to Christ in prayer. The pastor also gave me instructions on how to live a holy life. This seed started growing and totally changed my life for the better and I was no longer bothered by what people thought… my God loves me, has forgiven and forgotten all my sins and taken away all my bitterness. Hallelujah!

Ministry:  Asmort recently completed a 3 year Bible school training course with the Pentecostal Holiness Association Church in Isoka. and has been assigned to pastoring Chipokoso branch while helping to build two newly planted branches that are nearby which are namely, Mulefu and Cheenda.

Vision: My desire is to serve the Lord until I die. Please pray for my daily walk with the Lord and my successful ministry and please remember to also pray that my wife and children continue to know and grow in love for the Lord.


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