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CHURCH NAME: Pentecostal Holiness Church      TOWN: Livingstone.


SPOUSE: Rosemary Simuyemba.

CHILDREN: Chiza Simuyemba age 23 years old.

Joyce Simuyemba  10 years old still Schooling.

Elisha Simuyemba 7 years old still schooling.

SHORT SALVATION TESTIMONY.  After being tormented by the evil spirits I was taken to someone who preached the Word of God to me. During this ministry I was convicted, surrendered my life to Christ and was totally set free. In 1990 at the age of 35 I felt the call of God upon my life and then went to Bible school. I am now pastoring a local Church and work under James Sibulowa the Live Connection Regional Leader in that area.  We do door to door evangelism and hold conferences as well as running the normal Sunday services and ministries to the children, women and men. We are currently moulding blocks for the construction of a church.


VISION AND PLANS FOR NEXT SEASON:  To build a Church and win more souls for Christ.

PRAYER REQUEST:  Pray that more souls will be won for Christ and the completion of the church building project.


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