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Dominic was born in 1983, the first in a family of 7, in Nakonde district in the northern part of Zambia, He is married to Clara, 33 and they have been blessed with three children. Worship, a daughter,7, Bravol, a son, 5, and Christian,2, another daughter.


I was brought up by my mother as my parents separated when I was still in primary school. My mother took up the responsibility of educating us and I thank God for her too much struggle to supporting me to school, I managed to finish my secondary school course in 2004 as in the middle of my school years I had to stay home for 2 years. At 12, Pastor Christopher Mwango met me in the street and started telling me about the love of God. I did not want to listen as I felt that if God loved me I would not have had gone through such a rough life. But at his church on the following Sunday from John 3:14-16 he explained the deep love of God for me, despite my status as a sinner, I realised that it was not fair that Jesus the righteous should die for me a sinner. The love of God was so deep for me. I prayed to confess my sins and asked God to forgive me. From that time on I fell in love with Jesus, dedicated my life to serving Him. As I grew up in the things of God I felt the Lord was speaking to me to remain in His house serving Him in the area of bringing others into His kingdom. I attended pastoral training in Kasama, with the Pastor Training International, a UK based program, from 2007 – 2008. In 2011 I became the assistant pastor and later had the fulltime responsibility of building up a new church which had just started in Isoka. We are seeing the spiritual growth and are praying that the Lord to provide us with a piece of land for a permanent church building. At the moment we are still renting a government classroom. I will greatly appreciate your prayers for me and my ministry.


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