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Vernon is married to Precious Muzyoka and they have one boy and six girls namely:  Vinny, Precious, Mercy, Purity, Faith and Victor respectively.



This man used to be a drunkard, smoker and a fighter.  One day he heard about a crusade and decided to attend just to make fun of it all. As the Word was preached, he felt like what was said was just about him. He tried to ignore it but he failed. He was so touched that he could not explain how he found himself in the front giving his life to Jesus Christ. He was even more surprised to find his life had changed in a flash of a second and that he now had a great desire for God.


Vernon used to see many people in a vision and would find himself in front preaching the word of God. This vision re-occurred many times up to the point where he realized that it was God calling him into ministry. He then responded to the call of God. He is passionate and full of zeal for God and now pastors Great Grace Tabernacle in the Livingstone area.


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