2021 October Newsletter

Dear Live Connection Partners

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our Saviour and soon coming King!

Thank you all for your faithful support for this great vision as together we empower, both with our prayers and finances, these men & women working on the front line.

Just a quick reminder that the next Pastor payment will be going at the beginning of November. If you would still like to add a voluntary bonus for Christmas, please can you do so by next week.

Since our AGM there have been a couple of changes.

  • John Bagley, who was one of the first to partner with Live Connection, has stepped down from the office of vice chairman. Thank you John, for all you have done over many years, in bringing Live Connection to where we are today. We are happy to say that John is still on the Board!
  • We welcome John Grinsell as the new Vice chairman. John is also a long time L.C.partner.
  • James Hepworth, who served as Treasurer for the last 5 years, has now been transferred to London. James was a great asset, helping to streamline and improve our bookkeeping system. Thank you James! We loved working with you and though you will be sorely missed, we wish you every blessing as you step into this new chapter that God has prepared for you.
  • A warm welcome to Johan van Rooyen, as he steps in to take James’ place. Johan actually wears many hats, as he was responsible for our smart new website and is also helping to streamline our newsletters. Thank you Johan! We look forward to working together with you

Last month we featured a report from Nigeria. Here is a report from Moses Makanta (pictured above)  in Isoka, Zambia. Moses trained under Renee’s parents when they were missionaries there many years ago!

 I wish to update you on how the Live Connection program has positively impacted the lives

of Pastors and their ministries, especially during the last two years. Almost all the Pastors on the Live Connection program are peasant farmers who rely very much on farming for their livelihood. Because of the COVID-19, the local currency lost its strength by more than 100% in the last two years, making the prices of commodities including farming inputs rise by more than 200% in the last 12 months making it extremely hard to survive. The support you sent to the Pastors helped a lot in mitigating this impact. None of them suffered hunger because all of them were managing to buy the inputs. They produced enough food for themselves and their families and had extra to sell to the open market. They have also been able to send their children to school. Others have even bought pieces of land for them to build their basic shelters for themselves and their families. We praise God for this wonderful care by God through our Live Connection partners.


The Pastors have also continued praising God for the Study Bibles that you sent to them to use for themselves and in their ministries. They have been finding it easier to prepare sermons, Bible Studies and also their personal study of God’s word. Bernard Silomba reported that the 30 church leaders who received the Bibles earlier this year have continued to effectively utilise the Bibles as they preach Gods word to various churches in his zone. Bibles are rarely found in his area as no one goes there to supply them and they are too expensive for them to buy. The idea of supporting the churches with more Bibles, especially church leaders is more than welcome as it will enhance the church planting ministries among the Pastors and their churches.


Most of the pastors are church planters. They start churches under trees or in rented classrooms. When their churches are established, they look for land to build a church, but there are challenges in acquiring building & roofing materials. Some are currently meeting in buildings without a roof, but the weather is becoming hotter and the rain is also just around the corner.

Finally, I wish to reiterate the need for basic transport such as a motorcycle to use in ministry as I cover areas 80km away.

Thank you once again the Live Connection team for all your works you are doing.

God bless you all.

Moses Makanta

“And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Romans 10:15


The Live Connection Team

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