2022 April Newsletter

Thank you so much for your partnership in the vision of Live Connection! I am excited to write this newsletter to share the doors that God has opened for us!

Paul & Renee at Zion Temple Celebration

On the 18th April, Easter Sunday, Renee and I were invited to share and preach at Zion Temple Celebration Centre in Wollongong with Pastor Paul Rwumbuguser. It was a mini conference with many African pastors, who were once refugees, now ministering in Australia. The stipulation they gave me was to share the vision of Live Connection and then to preach for at least an hour. I thought I had died and had gone to heaven. I was in Africa, in Australia. The service went for 4.5 hours and we enjoyed an African meal afterwards. They all expressed a strong willingness to partner with the LC vision of partnering with pastors.

On the 15th May I will be preaching at “SING HOSANNA INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES ” in Campbeltown with Pastor David Runezerwa. This connection was established during the Wollongong mini conference. Please pray for hearts to be open to God’s conviction and a willingness of the congregation to embrace the vision of Live Connection.

Live Connection is starting a new work in 3 NEW COUNTRIES IN AFRICA – Burundi, Rwanda & the Congo – thanks to the connection Renee made with Pastor Joseph during a Churches of Christ’s Spiritrual Formation Course. Burundi is the poorest country on the planet, with Rwanda and Congo having their place not too far behind. Our opportunity to work in these countries could change the lives of so many who are in desperate need, spiritually, physically and financially.

Pastor Joseph’s Testimony in Australia

My family fled Rwanda at the time when genocide ravished our country. We found refuge in the Congo. At the age of 14 I was meant to be surrendered to the War-Lord’s in the Congo – to be a boy soldier so my father sent my mother and my siblings to Burundi to escape this consequence. My father was killed for this action and we were left as refugees in Burundi without a father. I eventually grew up and worked with the organisation Compassion for 5 years in Burundi. I was then given refugee status to come to Australia. Through working with Compassion, I realised that organisations like these do not always meet the desperate needs of my beloved Africa. I started to dedicate every third week to praying, in my garage, for more hope, more vision, more support to meet the desperate needs in Africa… especially the plight of the children.

I was then introduced to Paul Ravesteyn from Live Connection and now I believe that my vision for a better Africa is possible. I have given him 5 pastors to start the work of bringing Hope and dignity back to my people through meeting the basic needs of the vulnerable.

Thanks to our contact with Pastor Joseph, and his Australian network of pastors, we now have 5 new Pastors needing financial partnership in new countries.

When I look at the excitement building in these Australian-African churches, I am again reminded of how vital the LC vision is.

I ask you to join with me as we continue to share our vision with those who are willing to join our mandate – through prayer, volunteering or financially. Together we can be God’s hands, feet and mouth to the nations.

Please share my number with anyone who would like me to share the vision and answer any questions. I am eager to speak at family gatherings, work places, home-groups, churches – anywhere that will have me to further Live Connection together!

Back to Africa now Covid Restrictions have Lifted

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, Mal Veitch and I will visit several countries throughout Africa, bringing encouragement through relationships, practical help and pastor training. We will take this opportunity to visit our new partnering countries where we will show our commitment to partnering with their ministries and to grow the Kingdom of God within their regions. Practically, I will lead a team to build a roof at Pastor Clifford and Kanya’s church site in Ntuzuna, South Africa.

Mal and I will be leaving on the 31st May, returning to Australia on the 6th July. Please pray for us – for safety and God’s anointing as we speak into lives with God’s Love, Grace and Power.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in our growing ministry – without you this vision would just be a magnificent idea.


Paul & the Live Connection Team

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