2023 June Newsletter

To Timothy, a true son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. ~ 1 Timothy 1:2

Last month we had a full report from Paul on their Missionary journey – this month we have excerpts from Tim’s testimony!

1.Kenya & Burundi

Africa – its people and culture – has revealed a lot to me about how Christ’s leading in our lives creates a beautiful humanity. Paul and I – the modern-day Paul & Timothy as we humorously liked to see ourselves – began our journey in Kenya. Each day I kept a diary, the heading usually consisted of a verse or sentence that meant something to me – that stuck with me. ‘Seeing people through the eyes of Jesus’ was one of those sentences. The regional leaders and others we met lived this out and have encouraged me to do so as well. I learnt that the world is far more beautiful when you look – and love- through Christ’s eyes.

In Burundi our regional leader, Pastor Desire, led us through an immersive, cultural experience. I was so happy to see so many young children and youth involving themselves in the church services. I was blessed to be given a couple of hours to share with the youth about life and the Word but my attempt at describing a kangaroo was less successful! ‘We will all be in eternity together,’ was what impacted me here and I loved explaining to those we ministered to, that I saw them as my brothers and sisters. I find joy in reminding myself that I am going to see these brothers and sisters of mine once again in eternity.

2. Uganda & Rwanda

In Uganda we spent a lot of time travelling by car, hours waiting in traffic jams but once again, the joy filled people we met made it all worth the trip. I was pleasantly surprised, that the people in the Nyumaji refugee camp near the border of South Sudan, have a more permanent community rather than a camp. Churches, houses and schools filled with hundreds of kids made up the area that we travelled around. Our friend Moses and I spent the afternoon teaching and playing with the kids – and here Paul described the people as ‘living letters’.

Upon landing in Rwanda, the final African country, I felt a sense of despair for what the Rwandan people had endured through the genocide in 1994. Pastor Gideon and our translator Kado (we called him Cuddles), met us at the airport and 4.5 hours later we arrived in the community of Kalongi. We spent time talking with 6 pastors from 6 different denominations; attended some very lively church services; played a fun game of soccer; was amazed to see 18 people crammed into a Toyota minivan before catching a boat to Peace Island. All this was to commune with the pastors and build strong relationships with them. A highlight to complete my journey, was a trip through the Akagera National Park, seeing first-hand the beauty of the elephants, giraffes and zebras in the grasslands.

3. Conclusion

Every human is made in God’s image. I saw joy in the people worshipping and holding onto hope in the midst of poverty. An abandoned walking stick a graphic reminder that God still heals. ‘What my eyes have seen my heart cannot ignore,’ so I pray and give thanks for All these things.


The Philippines is a country of over 7,000 islands – so getting around and together is always a challenge – but Paul was able to visit 4 of the main centres and many of the Live Connection pastors travelled to be together, and they had a great time in each centre:

  • At Lorega Church of Christ, they had spent time training and equipping our brothers and sisters.
  • Visited a new Christian community at Tagda Church of Christ in the Tagda Zone 5, Hinigaran, in Negros, Philippines. The church is led by pastor Mateo Abelard. God cares for every person and loves new beginnings
  • Another new beginning in, Negros, Philippines, Barangay Bluemintrit where Paul was able to be a part of Pastor Norman Ricoperto’s new church community!
  • In Bacolod, Pastors leadership training… pastors were wrestling out the teaching of the first session
  • 2nd day of the Live Connection Training conference they were excited to receive their gift of Bibles for those in their communities who cannot afford one. Thanks to all those who gave generously and sacrificially
  • 21 Pastors enjoying the fellowship with a flat white- for many it was their very first time.

CONCLUSION: We have amazing brothers and sisters here in the Philippines who have a desire to Love and serve their communities deeply


Experience and be part of what God is doing –

DAY 1:

Denpasar – Share with Pastors – Lunch – Prison Ministry

DAY 2:

West Bali – Depart to Negara – Water Baptisms – Visit Radio Station – Fellowship with Pastors

DAY 3:

Depart to Sumba 3 – Lunch with Orphans

DAY 4:

Visit Poguwatu – Lunch – Ministry to the people – Rest

DAY 5:

Sumba – Training Pastors – Lunch – Training Pastors

DAY 6:

East Sumba – Lunch with Pastors – Visit Church Planters – Back to hotel

COSTS: $1,500 Ground fees + Airfares about $900

INTERESTED? Call Chelsea Small on 1300 023 584 to book your flight – say you are with Live Connection – and please let ANNE know so that we can make sure you are included in the hotel and travel bookings.

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” ~ Romans 10:14-15

Thank you for your support and may God bless you richly!


The Live Connection Team

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