2023 May Newsletter

Mission Is Possible

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. ~Psalms 96:3

As promised, here is a first hand account of Paul and Timothy’s Training mission trip across Africa.


Bishop Martin and the Archbishop looked after us extremely well. We had a lovely 4-hour train ride to Voi where we held a conference. The conference was very well organised and well attended. Paul observed that he sees our partnership with their ministry and Live Connection growing stronger moving forward. “Where we are weak, they are strong and vice versa”, Paul reflected.

Our Kenyan ministers in Voi continue to pour out their gratitude of what a blessing you were in opening their eyes to godly and biblical ministry practices. May our good Lord use you more across the world.
This was a transformative moment that left gospel ministers from many denominations challenged, awakened, strengthened, inspired, and eager for more. To them it was such a short time with too many things to learn from Pastor Paul. They keep telling and retelling their stories of how God touched their lives, opened their spiritual eyes, gave them a deeper understanding of the true Gospel and ministry practice and healed their ministries, families, and personal lives… May God give you another season in Kenya. ~ Text messages from Bishop Martin

2. Burundi

Pastor Desire, one of the 6 pastors with which we partner, has resumed responsibility as the regional leader of Burundi. He organised our conference and led it very well from start to finish. The Conference ran incredibly well with plenty of personal one-on-one mentoring with various senior pastors.
We also met pastor Oliva Musebengyi Swedi, from the Congo, who travelled for two days to join us at the conference. Oliva proved himself to be an integral part of the team and worthy of considering him as part of the LC team.

Burundi is so poor that we used a portion of our mission donation to buy beds for five pastors who did not own a bed and slept on a mattress on the floor. Paul also shared the vision of “Table Banking”, and the team took hold of the vision to invest in pig farming.

3. Uganda


Unfortunately David had been called to another country and had a funeral to attend, so he wasn’t around for the first 2 days. On the first day, Paul was driven to see the farms and on the second day, they had a day of teaching the pastors. David, as usual, had a well organised team making the conference day a well-attended success. The following day, we stayed with David and Sarah in their home in Kampala, where David organised our transport to Gulu.


Within 10 minutes of arriving in Gulu, we were in a rural church leading a service and performing a baby dedication.

Paul was impressed with Moses’s enthusiasm for ministry and his passion to bring a large group of pastors together to grow the Kingdom of God. They kept on bringing more and more seats into the room until we had people having to stand up or sit on desks to listen.

Dzaipi – Ajugopi (South Sudaneese Refugee Camp)

Moses drove us 3 hours north, were we met Bishop John and Pastor John Chol and the church community in the South Sudanese refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

Wow! I have no words to express the inspiration and joy that filled the conference. You are an amazing preacher of the true words of God. We love you to come three time a year in Uganda. ~Text messages from Moses

4. Rwanda

Rwanda is an amazing African country with a very bright future and with very little corruption. Partnering with 6 pastors from 6 different denominations has brought about incredible transformation and unity in their community and churches. Pastor Gideon has grown a culture of co-operation and unity.

Paul was encouraged by a unified outreach of mission amongst the churches and it is being embraced.

5. Nigeria

Bishop Kevin was an excellent host and went above and beyond, compared to almost any country, to make the conference a huge event. It was professional and well organised. Everyone received a white T-shirt with the Live Connection logo on it. Many pastors, bishops and leaders came from far and wide to be there.

In summary, the 2023 Leadership Training mission trip was a huge deposit into six nations that are desperate for Live Connection to breathe new life into their ministries.


In less than 9 days we’ll embark on our mission trip to the Philippines. Come join us on a life changing adventure to declare God’s glory amongst the nations and experience His wonders amongst all people.

Places are limited so don’t delay – contact Paul and book your place today!

  • The Philippines: 9 to 20 June Cost of ticket +/- AU$1,170 plus $1,500 ground fees.
  • Indonesia: 9 to 17 August Cost of ticket +/- AU$900 plus $1,500 ground fees.

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