2023 October Newsletter

Thank you to all our partners who joined us for pizza with Pastor Gary after the AGM. We have been truly blessed and refreshed by his warm humour and gentle but challenging ministry. He has promised to write a report for our next newsletter, a treat to look forward to in the November issue!

I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear; I will help you.”

~ Isaiah 41:13


While the bad news of unspeakable horrors and events in the Middle East continue to unfold, our Pastors around the world carry on working tirelessly to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Our profound thanks to all our Regional Leaders!

Here are some updates to encourage and refresh your spirit from three of them.

From Bishop Martin in Kenya

In the Ministry we have experienced a rapid growth in membership, evangelism, leadership development, identifying people’s gifts and making steps of faith in releasing them into the work. We also have taken some young leaders into theological training school.

Church activities:

  • In all our branches we have planned a crusade between Nov and Dec. We also have arranged inter Churches leadership seminars to awaken the hearts of believers to give themselves to the service of the Lord.
  • We are also doing communal work in two churches where in one church all members from all churches are going to build that church a new with iron sheets and the second church we will be repairing the church and painting it as well as doing Evangelism.

From John Chol in South Sudan

We thank God for Pastor Paul visits in Africa earlier this year. He travelled a lot, we had wonderful time in Northern Uganda in refugee settlement. During his leadership training we also shared words of encouragement and prayed together.

Currently we have six churches in Juba and I am leading 14 Pastors in this diocese. In July 2023 we had pastors’ training for two days, because a major challenge is that our Pastors did not underwent formal education and this is a growing concern. Our plan is to continue educating and training our Pastors and Church leaders in the community.

Even after independence, South Sudan still face internal conflicts, rebellion and tribal conflicts. This have led to loss several thousand of lives and displaced more than a million people as refugees into neighbouring countries.

Despite these challenges we hope and pray for the building up Christian leaders for South Sudan Church with education from St. Paul’s College, a non- profit Christian training institution established on biblical principals, and more leadership training.

From Kamulile in Lusaka, Zambia

We thank God for what He has done since the last time we communicated. Particularly excited about a door the Lord has opened with the government primary school very close to us. We’ve entered into a partnership with them that encompasses four areas:

  • Careers Talks. We’re taking teams of Christian professionals to give career guidance talks to the pupils. For now, we are only tackling Grade 9. There are 7 Grade 9 classes of an average 90 pupils per class! The big thing is we’ll be preaching the Gospel in every session.
  • Sanitary packs. Every month we’re giving 30 sanitary packs to the school to give the vulnerable of the vulnerable children.
  • ICT Training. We’re facilitating the teaching of ICT using our computers and personnel.
  • Teacher of the Term and Year awards. We’re giving two of the best teachers termly and yearly awards. The administration identifies them, and we award a certificate with a little prize money.

All of these initiatives are for the Gospel. There are about 3,000 pupils at the school.

Please pray with us that the teachers and children may receive Jesus and have an encounter with Him.

For they refreshed my spirit as well as yours. Give recognition to such men.

~ 1 Corinthians 16:18

Shalom & Blessings,

The Live Connection Team

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