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For those who have been asking … Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia are the countries to be visited. A team from Life Source Church, which is one of our main partners and already has a ‘Hands and Feet’ ministry in Zambia, will be linking up with the Team for part of the trip.

This is the only Mission Trip planned for 2024, and places are limited, so register your interest with Paul Ravesteyn ASAP!

email ravs@liveconnection.org Or call on 0414 534 063


So many amazing letters come through from the pastor to his/her partner.

Here are two first letters from new pastors, and they brought tears to my eyes. How much we take for granted.

First and foremost, allow me to express my gratitude to the Almighty God for connecting me and my family to you for partnership in the ministry that I am doing here. I was thinking and discussing with my wife: Why did God locate me here, right in the remotest part of Isoka, Zambia? The first time when Pastor Moses was explaining to me about how Live Connection works with pastors who are struggling to survive while doing God’s work. He told us that, normally it takes time, sometimes years, to be considered. He also encouraged us to trust God and pray for God’s will to be done. But before long, my name was picked by you. When the money came, it was like a dream. I went into the bush for prayer and fasting for a day, mostly to thanks God for this amazing gesture to me and my family. I have no better words to thank God for all He has done to me and my family through you.

Thank you. Thank you. Lenard & Lister Sikanyika. Isoka, Zambia.

With humility and heart full of joy, I wish to give thanks to Lord my God for connecting me to you for partnership in the ministry that I am doing in this part of the world. I was greatly surprised when Pastor Moses called me to ask me about my account number to which he could send the money. I asked him where the money was coming from, then he broke the news. It so happened that, I did not have money for my children to go back to schools. Thankfully, the Government extended the opening day for schools because of the outbreak of cholera in the country. When the schools were opening, I still did not have enough money, especially for those who were going to colleges. As we were thinking about what to do, then you sent the money. We had enough and all of them were sent back to schools.

George & Ireen Kasote, Mbala, Zambia

How many more pastors are faithfully preaching the Gospel, and praying in some far away, seemingly forgotten back road – Let’s tell our friends and share the vision with anyone who will listen, so that more pastors can be partnered, and the vision shared.


    1. My prayer request is, I want God to give me wisdom on how to accommodate and keep his people whom He is sending as new believers in Christ Jesus.

    ~Lawrence Zulu Livingstone, Zambia.

    2. I would also like to ask join us in prayers for our nation. Tough hunger situation. Sad moments to lose lives due to hunger. People resort to consume roots and water plants. Some of these are poisonous, claiming lives and left others in critical health situation. This hunger situation is fuelled by the effects of the cyclone last year, followed by a long dry spell this year. No harvest for two farming season. And farming is the only source of income and food for a village person. Lord have Mercy upon our Nation.

    ~Wiliford Kaitano. Malawi

    3. Our prayer request is that by October we can build a parsonage and fix the CR in the church and we will continue to pray for souls to be added to the church. The prayer for the outreach church in Dahile church is that we ask the Lord for the plot and the church building because there are too many souls to be added.

    ~Freddie Atienza Philippines

    4. PRAYER REQUESTS/CHALLENGES: In my ministry help us to pray for good health, strength and endurance of our church workers, pastors and their families. Keep praying also for wisdom and understanding in making wise decisions in life. Pray for every family’s safety and daily provisions. Despite of the challenges that a church is facing still continue to strive and glorify God.

    ~Japhet Velasco Philippines

    And finally, we have just had an update from Mike Zondi in South Africa. His wife Lulu has now completed her daily hospital treatments for cancer and will go back for a check up on 27 May. We praise God that the pain has been dealt with, but she is still battling other issues. Mike has also not been well, but the family are standing together and giving God the glory for His faithfulness throughout their difficult journey. Please continue to uphold them in prayer.

    And pray for me, too. Ask God to give me the right words so I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan that the Good News is for Jews and Gentiles alike. ~Ephesians 6:19~


    The Live Connection Team.

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