2024 February Newsletter

BIBLES, ANYONE? Some very interesting news from Zimbabwe! Two of our most dedicated pastors, Jeffrey Muleya & Patrick Mukonde, have taken up the challenge and been trained in the updating of the translations of the Bible in their mother tongues. This is a costly business, also having to provide food and transport for the teams they work with.  

Jeffrey lives in Binga, on the shores of the Zambezi and works amongst the Tonga people. When Lake Kariba was built in to 1950’s, this tribe was split in half. Those on the Zambian side have fared better as they are now able to buy Bibles that are printed in Zambia. But the Tonga translation is very old, and Jeffrey has been busy with updating the old version for some time.

On the other side of the country, just outside Mutare, Patrick Mukonde has recently started updating the Shona Bible into their dialect. This was from him:

“Please pray for me, I have taken up the challenge as part of my missionary work to translate the Bible from English to our mother tongue. There are three of us, working for the community, which makes up almost half of the Manicaland Province. We do not have a Bible in our Shona dialect. I will share with you more as we progress, but as for now we have covered few books for the New Testament for the community to test. We are doing this under the supervision of The Word for The World Bible Translation.”

Please keep them both in your prayers in this exciting and challenging mission.


TO: Pastor Paul Ravesteyn, Director and president of Live Connection
Subject: Request for food aid for the people of Nsanje District

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First and foremost, I would like to take an opportunity to bring to your attention the dire situation facing the people of Nsanje District in Malawi. Our district has been severely impacted by the effects of the recent EI Nino phenomenon, resulting in prolonged drought conditions. This drought has brought about a devastating food crisis, leaving many of our community members, particularly women, elderly and children facing the threat of starvation and malnutrition.

Currently, our folks are resorting to desperate measures such as consuming roots and water plants known as “Nyika” from Shire River in order to sustain themselves. Of which some people died after eating poisonous plants due to desperate for food. However, these resources are not adequate to meet their nutritional needs. And the situation is only worsening with each passing day.

In light of this urgent humanitarian crisis, we humbly appeal to the Live Connection for assistance in providing food aid to the people of Nsanje District. Your support would greatly alleviate the suffering of our community members and help prevent further loss of lives. We fully believe that your generosity and compassion can make a huge significant difference in the lives of our people during this challenging time. According to the Malawi Population and Housing Census of 2018, the total population of Nsanje District is approximately 299, 168.

We kindly request your prompt consideration of our appeal, and any assistance you can offer would be highly honored and appreciated. Much obliged for your attention to this matter and we are trusting God for miraculously provision. Please find attached photos.

Much love and blessings,
Paul Green.

If you feel prompted to answer this cry for help with any amount, please use the account below and reference payment with your Name and Malawi Relief. Thank you!

“9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

And finally – As always, our very grateful thanks to all our partners who faithfully support their pastors every month.


The Live Connection Team

ANZ Bank – BSB 012298

Account: Live Connection Australia Inc No: 529667067

Please make sure you put your name in the payment reference.

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