How can I get involved?

You can financially partner with a pastor for $70 per month (which is only $2.30 per day) by visiting our Partnerships page and completing the online process.

The need for Partners is always greater than the number of Pastors. Live Connection has a list of Pastors, faithful to the gospel, in need of a boost.



How is the money used?

Of your $70 monthly contribution:
  • $50 goes directly to your local pastor. 
  • $10 goes to leadership training for the pastors.
  • $10 goes to getting the money into the hands of the pastor and administration.
The financial support is not a wage but it does provide for the basic needs of the pastor and his family, and enables them to serve their local community.
Our pastors are seen as leaders within their communities and many people look to them to provide for their needs. This often extends to taking on the care and responsibility of widows and orphans in the community.

How are Pastors allocated to Partners?

Visit our Partnerships page and choose the pastor you’d like to team up with.

When partnering with a Pastor, you can request one from a particular country of interest where we work, or you can sign up for the next one on the list.

Sponsor Allocation

How does the Partnership work?

$70 per month paid via Direct Debit, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque – see our Partnerships page for details.

Funds are then electronically transferred quarterly to our Regional Leaders for distribution to the pastors.

As part of your partnership, you will receive a “Pastor Card”  detailing personal information about your pastor, providing you with the ministry context in which he or she is working so that you can pray for the work of God in that area. 

You will receive regular updates concerning the pastor and his/her ministry in the form of a letter or email. You will also be given the opportunity to send information about yourself to your partner so that they can pray for you and your family.

Is Live Connection tax deductible?

No, unfortunately preaching the gospel does not qualify for tax deductibility under Australian law.

Live Connection is a registered ‘not-for-profit’ organization in Australia, established in 2000 for the extension of the Kingdom of God.


Why partner with an overseas pastor?

By partnering with Live Connection, you can personally make a difference in a needy community.

The monthly contribution  enables a local pastor to serve his local community.  It is a boost – not a wage.  Western Missionaries have their place in overseas evangelism, however the cost of one western missionary equates to over 100 rural pastors.  Rural Pastors speak the local language; know the local customs and nuances and maintain the appropriate lifestyle.

Live Connection exists to be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus Christ in developing countries.  Many children are given food, clothing and even shelter; but unless they are introduced to Jesus, they find neither their destiny in life, nor life eternal.

Through partnership, you have the opportunity to develop a ‘live connection’ with your pastor.  In return, your pastor prays for you and updates you with regular news.  Partners may have the opportunity to meet their Pastors on a Live Connection Mission Trip.

Can I co-partner with a pastor?

Yes. Some of our Pastors are shared between two partners, each partner contributing $35 per month.

Spread our vision

How can I help spread the Vision of Live Connection?

Share the vision of Live Connection by:

  • Like & follow us on Facebook & Instagram 
  • Sharing our social media posts
  • Sharing our website
  • Talking about us or inviting us to speak at your Church, Connect Group, Organisatio or Service Club.
  • Coming on one of our Mission Trips and share your adventure.

In which countries is Live Connection working?

Live Connection currently partners with more than 201 Pastors across 14 countries:

  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • The Philippines
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

How many pastors are partnered through Live Connection?

Live Connection currently partners with more than 215 Pastors across 14 countries (19 regions).

The outcomes?

An army of warriors for Jesus Christ!

Through the generous and often sacrificial support of many people, Pastors are being empowered into full-time ministry at an increasing level. 

An army of warriors for Jesus Christ has taken to the field.  But the story doesn’t stop here.  Our Live Connection Pastors receive regular training, networking opportunities, and encouragement through Live Connection Regional Leaders.

They are empowered to accomplish great things in the name of Jesus Christ. Communities are coming together, the Gospel is being preached, lives are being saved and the Kingdom of God is growing every day.  All this for His Glory.


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