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Agostino Kimuyu Kenya

Registered May 24



Profile: Agostino Musau Kimuyu is 68 years old. He is married to Christine Musau and God has blessed them with four sons.
Ministry: Agostino is the pastor of Soul Harvest Ministries. He had a challenging time during corona, as many brethren relocated to other towns and others went back to their rural areas but thank God the ministry is growing.
Vision: God spoke to me when we were in an overnight prayer in Nairobi and said to me that He had called me to the office of the sent one i.e. an Apostle, in 1985.
The owners of the plot where they worship has accepted an instalment of Ks300000- and they are believing God for the remaining Ks900000 as they would like to build a permanent altar into the Lord for present and future generations to worship the Lord in.
Prayer Requests: Our prayer request is that we need God to give us the remaining money to complete the plot payment and also get money to build an Apostolic office.
Mission: Reaching Souls for Jesus, to depopulate hell and Populate heaven.

Christianity was first brought to Kenya in the fifteenth century by the Portuguese & spread rapidly during the nineteenth century, when it experienced a revival. Today, Kenya is much more Christianised than the other countries in Africa. The schools conduct biblical study classes and Jesus is worshipped as a god in every household. Christianity in Kenya can be attributed as the reason why the colonialists had a very easy time ruling the people of this country

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