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Friday Simwinga Isoka, Zambia

Registered June 24



Profile: Pastor Friday was born in 1970. He completed grades 1-9 in 1992 & married Catherine in November 1993. They sadly lost 2 children, but God blessed them with 5 more, 2 boys and 3 girls. They started off as peasant farmers.


In February 1991, I was invited to attend a church service to hear a new pastor. He was preaching from John 1:12-13 about how to become a child of God. I realized that even though I was a church goer, I was not born of God, nor was I in any relationship with God at all. Whatever I was doing for God was just in vain. I was a lost sinner heading to hell. I heard that God had sent his son to die for me a sinner so that I could be saved from punishment in hell and be adopted into his family. I prayed to receive Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord. From that time on, my life changed. I had peace in my heart. My faith in God continued to grow. I learned to talk to God in prayer. I started going to church on my own to pray alone during the week and felt the control of the Holy Spirit. The Lord used me every time I went out for evangelism as many people were receiving salvation and the church grew in number.

The leadership encouraged me to go for theological training. In 2016 I graduated after doing a 2year pastoral training course with Calvary Academics College, and that same year the Lord opened an opportunity for me when the Elder moved to another district, and I was appointed to take over from him. I led that church until the Lord led me to go and plant a church at Kantensha about 25km from Isoka and then another at Chiwanda. This church is now established, and the leaders are working well with me. The Headman of the village has offered us a piece of land where we have put up a temporal shelter that we use for church meetings.

My prayer is that I will continue to serve the Lord in this manner until I die.

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