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I was born in 1957 at Chitimbwa in Mpulungu District of Northern Zambia. I was the first in a family of six, but only my sister and I have survived. My father was killed by a lion when I was 7, while my mother died a natural death later, so I was raised by my uncle. I joined Fisheries department and served as an operator until 1983. During that time I had no idea what it meant to know God. After my first wife died, I married Irene in 2002 and we have been blessed with 7 surviving children.


In 1993, Pastor Bornwell invited me to a gospel crusade where I gave my life to Christ. He continued to disciple me until I started growing in the spirit. I lost interest in drinking and smoking, joined a church which was full of youth who loved the Lord and were busy serving him. I said, ‘If the youth can be so committed, what about me who is only remaining with a shorter time to live on earth?’ The Pastor took me and others into a training program. This led me into church leadership as an Assistant Pastor. In 1997, the Lord sent me to Bible College called Stermet Ministries Bible College in South Africa for three years. I came back to Mpulungu and was appointed as Pastor at a church in Mpulungu town. In 2015 I was transferred to Kasama where I continued pastoring at a church. In 2017 I was again transferred to Chinsali where I came to plant a new church. By God’s grace, we have managed to establish a new church in Chinsali which is steadily growing both spiritually and in number. We have put up a church building which is not yet fully completed.

My main Vision is to continue doing church planting in the remotest parts of Chinsali district and beyond where the gospel has not yet reached.

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