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I am 62 years old, am married to Agnes and we have been blessed with 9 children and several grandchildren.

My parents were ancestral worshipers and never attended any church. I came to the Lord in 1984 when a pastor confronted me with the true gospel message of Jesus. I saw my sin, repented, and was saved. From that time I started going to church. I was put in the evangelism team and I worked with them moving from village to village and conducting door to door evangelism. 2 churches were planted there and another 2 in Mpulungu. I was then sent Mbala Bible School to prepare for my rural church planting ministry. After graduating I went into church planting – again in the rural areas and planted 2 churches, which I am still helping to grow through teaching and discipling. I have identified and targeted an area to move to God willing and plant the next church next year near the Zambia Tanzania boarder.

My goal is to witness the rural unreached people with the gospel and to teach them as there is no one to teach and ground them in the faith. Now, the major challenge in rural ministry is support. I have to provide for my family and at the same time do ministry. Church planting is a very demanding ministry because in my situation I have to witness, teach them and let them see how I live what I preach. To show them that the one in me is greater than the ancestral spirits and I no longer live `under the control and fear of the ancestral spirits.

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